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Systems Biology

Center for Systems Biology

Modeling cis-regulatory grammar of Drosophila (with Chichia Chiu, Mathematics)
Bates, Peter
Infinite-dimensional dynamical systems, nonlinear elliptic and parabolic PDE, phase transitions
Gene regulatory network models of vertebrate development
Identifying gene associations in rice to provide a new layer of functional annotation and to formulate new hypotheses on gene and gene networks in this model monocot species
Chan, Christina
Integrating various levels of information from genetic expression to metabolic data
Structural and functional genomics of disease resistance in chicken.
Statistical (epi)genetics/genomics, longitudinal data analysis
Modelling kinetics and electrostatic interactions of protein assemblies
Understand how phenotypic diversity caused by random fluctuations in protein concentrations provides a selective advantage to bacterial populations

Farre, Eva
The plant circadian clock signaling network
Statistical and epidemiological research, including cancer studies, and methodological research in statistical computing and clinical trials
Gardiner, Joseph
Development of models that reflect experience of patients in changing states of health, and methods for analyzing jointly cost & effectiveness measures using multivariate methods from survival analyses
Harrison, Michael
Physics of sensory thresholds in primates: signal-to-noise factors in theoretical neuroscience
Test theories of sound localization and binaural hearing against experiments on human listeners
Determine how fish habitat affects their population dynamics, general ecology of fishes
Host-parasite systems in mathematical ecology: statistical issues in data analysis of microarray experiments; genetic association for complex traits; biological networks
Molecular mechanisms of signaling and gene regulation during bacterial development
Modeling flexibility and folding in proteins by analyzing bond networks
Fractional reproduction-dispersion equations and heavy tailed dispersal kernels. Fractal gene models
Optimal Control Theory and Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Regulatory Gene Networks
We study metabolic networks in plant systems including developing seeds and mycorrhizas
Evolution of cis-regulatory elements and expression regulatory networks
Signal transduction pathway leading to the activation of the transcriptional factor NF-KappaB
Comparing flexibility in mesophilic and hyperthermophilic proteins by NMR and molecular dynamics