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Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology


Identifying design principles of eukaryotic enhancers using embryonic gene expression in Drosophila
Buell, Robin
Sequencing, annotation, and comparative analyses of plant and plant pathogens genomes
The architecture of regulatory networks evolved to take advantage of stochastic fluctuations at the molecular level to generate advantageous phenotype distributions in bacterial populations
Computational and experimental methods for selective control of apoptosis signaling
Protein structure prediction and refinement based on evolutionary information
Statistical genetics, methodology and algorithm; Computational methods for microarray, genotyping, and identification of regulatory motifs
Functional characterization of genes that are predicted to encode Fe(II)/alpha-ketoglutarate -dependent hydroxylases or flavoenzmes
The contribution of transposable elements to genome evolution
Liu, Kevin J.
Development of new computational methodologies to analyze large-scale comparative genomic data in the context of complex evolutionary processes
Developmental epigenetics, embryonic development, and embryonic stem (ES) cells; ChIP-chip and RNA
Genome-wide identification of transcription factor binding sites and sigma factor function in bacteria that undergo development
Protein structure and flexibility modeling, and high-throughput structure-based screening for inhibitor discovery
Functional genomics in evolving microbial and digital systems
RNAi & Proteomic Approaches for Quantitative Analysis of Molecular Pathways (kinases & phosphatases)
Bayes and Empirical Bayes methods to analyze microarray data
Genomic plasticity in Ralstonia pickettii and JGI sequencing two isolates
Precision medicine, specifically personalized medicine by assessment of multiple omics during longitudinal profiling. Creation of tools for multi-omics integration and generation of omics datasets for systems level analyses.
Optimal Control Theory and Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Regulatory Gene Networks
Search algorithms for Genome Sequence databases and profile Hidden Markov Models
Electronic nanocomponents in Geobacter biofilms
Metagenomics of microbial communities
Bioinformatics and comparative genomics. Gene family and cis-regulatory evolution
Statistical genetics and genomics. Experimental designs and statistical models to uncover the genetics basis of phenotypic and transcriptomic variation in animal species
Similarity search in large-scale database; protein homology classification; ncRNA identification
Proper analysis of efficient microarray experiments based on mixed effects models
Molecular phylogenetics and comparative chloroplast genomics in euglenophytes