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QB Current Students

Name Photo Summary
Teresa Clark Teresa Clark	Program: Plant Biology
QB Mentors: Yair Shachar-Hill, Plant Biology; Shin-Han Shiu, Plant Biology
Scott Funkhouser Scott Funkhouser	Program: Genetics
Hussein Hijazi Hussein Hijazi	Program: Computer Science and Engineering
QB Mentors: Kevin Liu, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Dena Izadi Dena Izadi	Program: Physics and Astronomy
QB Mentors: Lisa Lapidus, Physics and Astronomy, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Christina Chan, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Nikolas Mcpherson Nikolas Mcpherson	Program: Genetics
QB Mentors: Claire Vieille, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics; Yair Shachar-Hill, Plant Biology
Remington Moll Remington Moll	Program: Fisheries and Wildlife
QB Mentors: Robert Montgomery, Fisheries and Wildlife, Brian Maurer, Fisheries and Wildlife/Center for Statistical Training and Consulting
Rima Mouawad Rima Mouawad	Program: Cell and Molecular Biology
Sabastian Raschka Sabastian Raschka	Program: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
QB Mentors: Leslie Kuhn, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; C. Titus Brown, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Raeuf Roushangar Raeuf Roushangar	Program: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
QB Mentor: George Mias, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Thomas Turkette Thomas Turkette	Program: Physiology
Daniel Vocelle Daniel Vocelle	Program: Chemical Engineering