QB Current Students

Name Photo Summary
Teresa Clark Plant Biology, (Quantitative Biology Program Mentors: Yair Shachar-Hill, Plant Biology; Shin-Han Shiu, Plant Biology)
Scott Funkhouser Genetics
Jiarong Guo Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, (Quantitative Biology Program Mentors: C. Titus Brown, Computer Science & Engineering/Microbiology and Molecular Genetics; James Tiedje, Crop & Soil Science/Microbiology & Molecular Genetics)
Hussein Hijazi Computer Science and Engineering, (Quantitative Biology Program Mentors: Kevin Liu, Department of Computer Science and Engineering)
Dena Izadi Physics and Astronomy, (Quantitative Biology Program Mentors: Lisa Lapidus, Physics and Astronomy, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Christina Chan, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Nikolas Mcpherson 08-09mcpherson Genetics Program, (Quantitative Biology Program Mentors: Claire Vieille, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics; Yair Shachar-Hill, Plant Biology)
Remington Moll Fisheries and Wildlife, (Quantitative Biology Program Mentors: Robert Montgomery, Fisheries and Wildlife, Brian Maurer, Fisheries and Wildlife/Center for Statistical Training and Consulting)
Rima Mouawad Cell and Molecular Biology
Sabastian Raschka Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, (Quantitative Biology Program Mentors: Leslie Kuhn, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; C. Titus Brown, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics)
Raeuf Roushangar Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, (Quantitative Biology Program Mentor: George Mias, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Thomas Turkette Physiology