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QBI Committees

Graduate Recruiting Committee
Michael Feig, (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/Chemistry)

This committee consists of four voting QB members. Their function is to recruit the best-qualified candidates and procure recruiting fellowships for them. They are responsible for increasing the size and the quality of our applicant pool and will emphasize the recruitment of underrepresented groups into the program.

Evaluate applications for admission to the QB Graduate Program and make recommendations to the Graduate Program Director as to whether or not the applicants should be admitted.

Seminar Committee

Chair - Ian Dworkin (Zoology)
David Arnosti (Gene Expression in Development & Disease/Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

The Seminar Committee consists of three QB faculty members.

This committee is responsible for choosing a seminar format for the year, and for selecting appropriate topics and presenters. They also plan QB hosted seminars, including those in the Science at the Edge series.