QB Graduate Program Application


Prospective students not yet accepted into a graduate program at MSU:

You must be accepted into one of the 14 QB-affiliated departments or programs on campus before you can apply to the QB Program. If you need assistance in identifying the most appropriate department, please contact Helen Geiger (geiger@msu.edu) and she will contact the director or other appropriate faculty member who can offer advice.

Graduate students already enrolled at MSU:

Inform Helen Geiger (geiger@msu.edu) of your interest in applying to the QB Graduate program and provide her with the following materials:
  • Name, contact information, and department
  • Primary mentor, if one has been chosen
  • Secondary mentor, if one has been chosen
  • Concentration area (Molecular Biophysics; Systems Biology; Ecological and Evolutionary Modeling; or Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology)
  • Statement of why you are interested in joining the Quantitative Biology program
  • Two letters of recommendation by MSU faculty, including one letter from the primary mentor
  • Curriculum vitae, including undergraduate GPA, GRE, and any grades in graduate program at MSU that are already available